[TUNER888GB] £16.19

This is a must have for all musicians. Fits easily in your pocket.
An ultra-compact LCD needle-style tuner, easy to use for tuning any instrument,
has guitar, bass and chromatic modes - allowing you to tune any note.

This also includes a metronome feature which is essential for learning to
play in time.

I always tuned by ear before I got one of these and I thought I was pretty accurate,
but this shows me how far out I was!

An Electric guitar lead can be plugged into the jack socket on the side of
the tuner.
Other instruments can use the built in microphone, or the external pickup microphone
(which is supplied) can be used for an even better response.
Simply select the note you want to tune to (or select the frequency),
play one string and the LED`s and also the LCD needle will indicate whether the
note is too high or low.
Adjust the string tension until the green led is lit and the needle is pointing
straight up.
Repeat for the other strings.

In metronome mode you can adjust the frequency (beats per minute)
and also the number of beats per bar and rhythm. A high blip is sounded on the first beat of the bar
beat and a low blip on the other beats. At the same time the needle swings to imitate
a traditional metronome and the leds flash to indicate the rhythm.
You can alter the volume and you can plug in an earphone (not supplied) if you wish.


- Size 97 x 65 x 17mm

- weight 100g

- Power DC 3V (2 x AAA batteries)

- Tuning range 27.5 - 1760 Hz

- Metronome rate 30 - 240 BPM

- Metronome has 8 different rhythms