A professional quality chromatic harmonica.
These harmonica`s are made by Swan, one of the top harmonica manufacturers.

The harmonica comes in a very nice solid plastic presentation case with a cleaning cloth making it ideal as a present.

The harmonica has 10 holes and a slide to provide a total of 40 different notes.
This is a nice instrument, the reeds section is brass with a plastic central section forming the holes (plastic is far more durable than wood in this situation).
The top and bottom sections, front plate and slide are chrome plated and can be unscrewed for maintenance and cleaning.

Please note that a chromatic harmonica will allow you to play all the musical notes including the semitones. This is achieved using the slide, so without using the slide you can play in the key of C major, but pushing the slide in enables another set of notes whitch includes the semitones missing from the major scale.
This harmonica provides 2.5 octaves or 33 notes starting with middle C (C4).

Because of the slide this is more difficult to master than a tremolo or diatonic harmonica, however it is much more versatile.

All the harmonicas we sell are brand new.