[E20CM] £30.86

Our compressor provides those smooth sustained lead sounds,
evening out the attack and getting rid of unwanted peaks and troughs.

Many guitarists feel that this is the most essential must have pedal.

All our guitar pedals are designed with the gigging musician in mind.
They are rugged with die-cast metal shells and are simple to set up.

These are vintage style analogue pedals which won`t let you down.
Most of the pedals have just three rotary controls on top,
and all are activated by a footswitch.
We found the responsivity and low noise levels of these units stunning. A selection of these pedals is a must for any guitarist.

These are truly professional quality units for a budget price.
Beware of cheaper plastic cased units which many shops are selling!

Incidentally we use these units and we think they sound superb!

All units come brand new and boxed with an instruction manual and a 9V battery.

We can supply a mains adaptor and also short (0.2m) interconnecting leads. See our shop.