This is an excellent quality natural gut Upright Double Bass / Contrabass E string.

The length of the strings is at least 1750mm - which will fit all sizes of double bass with sufficient length the tie.
This sale is for a single gut E strings. The string diameter is:

Traditionally gut strings were always used on the double bass and other string instruments.
They are brown and semi-translucent and made from a natural material.

Gut is a much lighter material than the steel strings that are often used today.
The gut string sound is clear and full bodied, with an excellent sustain and a warm response.
Gut strings will give a refreshingly different tone for both solo and orchestra players.
These strings are also good for playing authentic chamber music (chamber
musicians will often retune their instruments to a more traditional tuning and use gut strings to get a more
authentic sound).
Many folk, country and jazz bass players use gut bass strings to get that sought after vintage sound.

You should be aware that compared to steel strings, gut strings tend to go out of tune much more often,
however, they feel much nicer on your fingers and have a more mellow sound.
Because our gut contrabass strings are all handmade from the finest materials, they do tend to be more expensive
than the modern steel strings, however if you want the mellow tone and the feel of traditional gut then these are
far better than the synthetic alternatives.

Our gut strings are hand made from sheeps guts which are boiled and rectified to bring it to the correct diameter.
Because the strings are made from a natural material, thay are more sensitive to changes in humidity and
temperature than steel or synthetic strings.
Mutton serosa (the material lining of the sheep`s intestines) is used to make gut strings.
This material is delicate and cannot be processed by a machine.
The twisting has to be done by hand by craftsmen who through years of experience are able to properly
judge the tension and make corrections as they go.
Mutton Serosa gut gives a lower tension, softer feel with warm rich tones. A high twist gives better sustain and tuning stability.

If you play baroque music bluegrass, rockabilly or jazz then you should try out a full set of gut strings.

Some comments from customers who have fitted our gut strings to a double bass

- Get that action right up and give it a few weeks to get rid of the twang -

- I have just received a D gut string and now have a D and G on my bass. This new D string is currently very loose and twangy just as the G was some time ago (it sounds great now) Although relatively new to gut I`m learning to give it lots of time to settle and stretch -

- The string is a great affordable way into a normally very pricey market -

- I have in any case recommended the product students and other players if they want to try out the gut sound. A great product -